Retreat and Create - Art WorkshopStone sculpting and painting with Regula Zwicky and Francesco Marzetti



Retreat and create:

Develop your art skills under the expert guidance of the gifted artists Regula Zwicky and Francesco Marzetti in an unforgettable setting high above the lake of Bolsena. 

Regula's and Francesco's philosophy is to enable the individual to truly experience land and nature through their art work, wether inspired by the surrounding or through using the actual physical material such as stone, plants or natural colours.  

The unique setting of La Montagnola offers a place to retreat and (re)open your creativity.


The workshop:

Regula and Francesco teach and guide various techniques, in line with the interest and experience of the participants.Techniques include amongst others:  


Stone sculpting: Under the guidance of Regula you create sculptures or practical objects out of local stone.



Acquerellando in Natura: Print with plants and peddles on paper, linen and cotton. Create your own colours from "juices of nature" - plants or vegetables out of the garden you discover together with Francesco

Traditional Acquarell: Under the guidance of Francesco





The program:

April 27: Individual Arrival. Introduction and joined dinner in the cosy kitchen

April 28  – May 01: Morning unter Anleitung von Regula und Francesco. All meals freshly prepared out of local ingredients and served at La Montagnola Retreat

May 02: Morning workshop . Closing and invidiual departure in the course of the afternoon. 


About the teachers

Regula Zwicky

Regula Zwicky

Regula Zwicky born in 1963, stone sculptor, has a fine sensitivity for the uniqueness of the stones. She shows stone as stone and lends it a soft almost textile like surface. Each object she creates holds a very unique subtle poetry.

Francesco Marzetti

Francesco Marzetti

Francesco Marzetti, born in 1961, stone sculptor, painter, restorer and set designer, always in close connection with nature, creates objects joyful, humerous and with untamed energy to compose and experiment. The viewer is touched, surprised and always amused.